The Couple that Sweats Together Stays Together (No Innuendo Intended…!)

After a brief hiatus from posting (thanks to a long-overdue reunion with my boyfriend in the Southern-fried city of Atlanta), the blog is officially up-and-running once again.

I know…I know…

*insert dramatic sigh of relief here*

And just in case you’re a teeny bit curious as to what I’ve been up to this past week…yours truly was kickin’ it back with this handsome devil:

me and Brandon

(The girl’s not so terrible-looking either. Cough. Cough.)

Yeah, okay. So…Blogosphere, meet Brandon. Brandon, meet Blogosphere.

This photo was taken at a wedding reception following the recent Parisian nuptials of Brandon’s older sister. (And the Pinot Grigio I’m pictured with was my one-and-only glass of wine throughout the whole evening).

*insert round of applause here*

But what does this little recap of my ATL trip have to do with Health and Fitness (the 2 pillars of “Health Be a Hippie”‘s entire existence)?

Touche, my friends. That’s a fair question.

Well, Brandon and I are quite the active couple, if we do say so ourselves. Whenever we visit each other, the days are typically spent in motion. Our favorite bonding activity is exploring various surroundings via the old “2 feet” method. It gives us an opportunity to catch up on life during our time apart, as well as keeps our bodies moving for literally hours on-end.

Walking with Brandon through Piedmont Park (Atlanta’s version of Central Park) yesterday, I started thinking about some other physical activities couples could do together, rather than that cliche dinner-and-a-movie date, which – of course – we’ve all experienced but probably wouldn’t care to repeat.

Here’s what I came up with. Feel free to comment with any ideas that you and your significant other have put to the test!

  1. Rock Climbing: Many cities have indoor wall climbing gyms, complete with guided tutorials on how to get started. So, harness up beside your “honey” and compete to see who can reach the ceiling first. Check out Groupon or Living Social for some discounted rates on rock climbing in your area.
  2. Biking: Wipe the garage dust off those “2-wheelers” and take them for a spin around your neighborhood, through the park, by the waterfront, or even on a trail ride. There’s nothing quite like pedaling into the wind and taking in some scenery with that special someone whizzing along next to you.
  3. Hiking: If it’s been too long since either you or your “sweetie-pie” have sported some stylin’ Timberland boots (#NoShame), hit the elements for a rugged tree-lined expedition. Take your camera along, in case a woodsy couple’s photo-op presents itself, and rediscover nature while hand-in-hand.
  4. Tandem Yoga: Check into whether your local yoga studio offers partner classes, then roll out the mats and get your “namaste” on. This practice will improve strength, balance, flexibility, and body exploration. So, get to know your S.O.’s curves and dips by moving through a yoga flow together.
  5. Paddle Boarding: For those, who – like me – live near the surf, book a couple’s SUP (stand-up paddle board) adventure. A tour guide will lead you lovebirds through mangrove brushes and open water. Check out Groupon or Living Social for discounted rates on paddle boarding in your area.

paddleboarding   paddleboarding 2

Brandon and I became skilled in the discipline of SUP when he visited me in Florida last week. And I’m thrilled to report that – despite a painful history of tripping over my own feet – I managed to stay upright. But…by the time we finished, my upper arms looked more like wet noodles than the glisteningly-toned biceps I’d been hoping for. (Right. I’m such a badass!)

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