A Little Peek Inside My Gym Bag

Fact: we’ve all got our personal exercise survival kit. It’s what keeps us fueled (and refueled and refueled some more) throughout an intense fat burning or muscle sculpting session. This is mine.

So, go get your own. (Kidding…feel free to steal!)

   Sparkling Ice Water

sparkling ice   Why I like it: I’ve never been a fan of plain ol’ H2O, so when I discovered this 0-calorie flavored thirst quencher, it was love at first sip.

Nuun Hydration Enhancer

nunn   Why I like it: This active hydration tablet has all the electrolyte benefits of a standard sports drink, without any unwanted sugars.

Kind Fruit & Nut Bar

kind bar   Why I like it: It’s tough to find a protein supplement that tastes like real food, but this granola bar gives me both energy and enjoyment.

(Disclaimer: Starbucks iced coffee not included…that’s just me wishful thinking over here!)

Nike Dri-Fit Compression Shorts

nike dri fit   Why I like them: This uber breathable material absorbs sweat for comfort and ease of movement, not to mention serious sporty style.

Reebok Crossfit Sneakers

reeboks   Why I like them: Nobody wants to feel weighed down on a run, which is why I love these lightweight kicks with plenty of ventilation.

Swinn Sports Bra

swinn bra   Why I like it: The stretchy yet supportive fabric offers full coverage for mah girls, plus the bright colors and kitschy phrases are fun to wear.

Pandora Broadway Playlist

chicagoWhy I like it: In my opinion (which is the right opinion, FYI), no workout is complete without showtunes blasting through my iPod.

Scentsy Roll-On Fragrance

scentsy   Why I like it: What I call “glisten,” others call “sweat,” so this travel-sized perfume masks pre-shower stink better than many deodorants.

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