Yoga Week 2: an Out-of-Breathalyzer

Yesterday, wanting to try a more individualized at-home practice, I powered through Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Level 1 video. 35 minutes later, I was one panting Downward Doggie!

However, I thoroughly enjoyed the workout and would highly recommend it to any beginner yogi, looking for a solid foundation in proper pose technique while still working up a serious sweat.

You can access the video here via YouTube:

Jillian combined sun salutation sequences (i.e. Mountain, Plank, Chaturanga, Upward-Facing Dog, and Downward-Facing Dog), low- to mid-impact balancing postures, and aerobic repetitions based on higher-impact variations of those postures. The result was an intense yet energizing yoga flow – ideal for improving flexibility, strengthening both upper and lower muscle groups, and sneaking in your daily dose of cardio, to boot!

Some of the poses covered during this practice were basics that I remembered from my previous (more committed) yoga days, – such as Warriors 1, 2, and 3 – but some were brand new to me – such as Camel, Locust, and Dolphin. Despite the subsequent soreness (a sure sign you’re doing something right!), my body loved discovering these movements and finding its rhythm within the flow.

I screen-shot some image stills from the video to give my fellow “yogi noobs” a visual idea of how each posture should be executed, as well as what you can generally expect from this workout:

jillian michaels yoga meltdown 13

camel pose

jillian michaels yoga meltdown 5

aerobic variation of camel

jillian michaels yoga meltdown 4

plank pose

jillian michaels yoga meltdown 3

aerobic variation of plank

jillian michaels yoga meltdown 15

warrior II pose

jillian michaels yoga meltdown 14

aerobic variation of warrior II

jillian michaels yoga meltdown 11

locust pose

jillian michaels yoga meltdown 12

dolphin pose

jillian michaels yoga meltdown 1

chaturanga pose

jillian michaels yoga meltdown 9

upward-facing dog pose 

jillian michaels yoga meltdown 10

downward-facing dog pose 

And, in case you need any more incentive to give Jillian’s out-of-breathalyzing yoga practice a try, just look at THAT face

jillian michaels yoga meltdown 16


Personally, I can’t wait dive in deeper. Stay tuned for my review of Level 2 next week!

*Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the rights to these images or video*

2 thoughts on “Yoga Week 2: an Out-of-Breathalyzer

  1. Ha, I’ve been looking for a new yoga workout to mix in with my daily practice – this looks great, thank you 🙂 Plus, I do love a bit of Jillian xD she’s a beastette! 😉


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