what if…

brokenness and healing

can you evict the pain that barricades your world —

or does it just become the shadow of your soul?

the atoms in your skin, the marrow in your bones —

the chaos in your skull of questions and unknowns?

is that heartache who you are, all you can ever be —

the extent of this story, the whole identity?

does the fear which threatens to gnaw your insides clean —

rebel against the pretense of your cool smoke screen?

do those hollowed eyes mirror chinks in your bravado —

a vacuum in your heart that quivers in staccato?

but maybe that’s acceptable, could it be alright —

to expose these battle wounds in the direct sunlight?

if sorrow heals, and scarred remains soften into flesh —

can you be a human who is blemished and refreshed?

is the most you can hope for just to stay alive —

or might a chance exist that you were made to thrive?

instead of seizing a belief that you’re too foregone —

what if it’s the brokenness which makes you brave and strong?

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