Meet the Hippie!

2014-02-12 20.30.04   me and Brandon   hippie bus              mouse ears   times square  IMG_4235

Wanna get a feel for the girl behind the gab? Here’s 10 facts about me that you probably won’t find interesting, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. Because that’s just the considerate individual I am. Yeah…yeah…you’re welcome.

  • My name is Mary-Elizabeth. That’s 2 words hyphenated. And yes, it’s my first name. My entire first name. Not Mary. Not Elizabeth. Mary-Elizabeth. I don’t have a middle name.
  • I have an identical twin sister named Victoria. She’s my therapist, fashion consultant, Friday night wine-and-Netflix partner…and, most importantly, my best friend.
  • I’m married to a debonair dude named Brandon. But don’t tell him I said “debonair.” Ahem…I meant awkward and embarrassing. It’s fine though. Poor guy can’t help it. He’s from Canada.
  • My favorite place on earth is New York City. In college, I interned at an Off-Broadway theatre, and it was love at first sight. Just don’t get me started talking about NYC. I’ll never stop.
  • I’m a Florida girl through and through. And, like any true Floridian, Disney World is my second home. In fact, I used to be a Disney cast member. You know…making magic, as they say.
  • The real love of my life is a little show called “Friends.” You might know it. I know it a little too well. Good luck having a conversation with me that doesn’t include a “Friends” reference.
  • I embrace my own nerdiness. Sorry, not sorry. I love “Harry Potter.” I love musical theatre. I love rocking my red RayBan glasses. I love writing poetry. I love reading the classics. No shame.
  • I consider myself the embodiment of that phrase “good things come in small packages.” And by “small,” I mean 4’11”. And by 4’11”, I mean “missed-the-legal-midget-mark-by-an-inch.”
  • A Starbucks World Domination Campaign is 1 cause I’d happily support. I survive on that crack. So, would they just take over our healthcare system already? I could use a caffeine IV.
  • My ultimate dream is to be a writer. Or an actress. Or both. Can’t decide. Maybe I don’t have an ultimate dream. Maybe my performing arts degree was a waste. Fries with that?

Great. Since we’re now on a first name basis and all, perhaps we should connect on social media? I hear that’s a thing…







2 thoughts on “Meet the Hippie!

  1. Oh my gosh! When and where did you work at WDW? I worked at MGM at Epic (Indiana Jones), Drew Carey (ABC Sound Studio) and Doug live! (abc tv theater), which then turned into the ABC preview center for the network season lineup (dumbest thing ever, but I got a free tshirt). from January 1999-November 2002, and then again for about 6 months as part time in 2005. I’m hoping to eventually get back there, you know, when money doesn’t matter… 🙂


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