Clear Complexions Happen With Chamomile (Like…Who Knew, Right?!)

…Okay, maybe you did. But sure didn’t!

Not to sound like a vain little Prima Donna, but I always prided myself on having smooth, blemish-free skin. Throughout my teenage years, when just about every other high schooler was preoccupied with popping pimples or slathering on Proactiv, I rarely even bothered with concealer. Yup, for some ever-so-fortuitous reason, puberty was kind to this face.

However, the onset of adulthood wasn’t so generous.

Basically, from the first moment I stepped onto a college campus, my hormones went haywire. Suddenly, I became that girl – avoiding mirrors, trying every fad product on the market, and cringing at any mention of the word “zit” (just in case those devious little dermis cells were listening in). Suffice it to say, my undergraduate studies were interrupted by constant dermatologist visits.

So, kids…that’s what happens when you inwardly gloat about so-called “perfect skin.” Beauty karma is one ugly bitch!

Over the years, I’ve applied every topical ointment that I could get my hands on, invested in every “zit zapping” gadget that a celebrity brand ambassador talked me into, and even popped (no, not really…just swallowed once a day) prescription pills that my doctor swore by. But, while they provided a temporary fix, nothing seemed to work as a long-term solution.

From all outward appearances, adult acne had won this war.

That is, until a brownish rectangular miracle came along.

Enter: chamomile cleanser. A.K.A. my skin’s new BFF: all-natural, non-GMO, three-ingredient, chemical-free  amazingness. (And it’s also made with LOVE, so there’s that…)

chamomile soap 1I discovered this little beauty last weekend, while wandering around the – yup, you guessed it! – farmer’s market. Within 5 minutes of chatting with the extremely knowledgeable and fantastically bohemian product developers, I was sold. Thus, yours truly became the proud owner of a scentsy, sudsy bar of chamomile soap. For only $7! Compare that price with the $15-$20 you’ll typically drop at a drug store.

Plus, we’re talking 100% organic here – another perk you won’t find just anywhere.

chamomile soap 2Alrighty, then. So, later that evening, I took this purchase on a test-run.

And it definitely was NOT an impulse buy.

Almost immediately, I noticed a transformation in how my skin both looked and felt. I’m not even exaggerating. This face, which has caused so much frustration and self-consciousness over these past few years, finally met its match. An invigorating tingle spread throughout my pores, resulting in baby-soft smoothness. Seriously, after 1 application!

chamomile soap 3Not my most attractive look by a long-shot (in my own defense though, I’d only been awake for 10 minutes), but this is moi after Day 5 of religious chamomile soap usage. And here are some remarkable changes I’ve experienced since switching over to this skin-care sensation:

  1. EXFOLIATION of dryness/flakiness
  2. REDUCTION of post-acne scarring
  3. And, most importantly, HEALING of blemishes.

Like, my complexion is clear now!


Free and clear.

But don’t just take my word for it…snag some chamomile cleanser for yourself.

Do it. Order a soap bar from the Florida-based aromatherapy business, Essence of the Heart. According to this company’s masterminds, here’s what you can expect: “Each product is handmade with Love as the first intention to enhance, benefit, and honor all life. The products created by Essence of the Heart play a role in facilitating a complete balance within the body, mind and spirit.”

So, yeah. You should probably go check out their Etsy shop.

Wonderful Coconut Oil: Get Exfoliating!

coconut oil(image courtesy of

Recently, organic beauty seekers have been going “nuts” over coconut oil, as the latest cosmetic and hygienic cure-all. But did you know: our friend, the coconut, is actually a drupe? Uhhh…not sure what a drupe even is?

Me neither.

So, I looked it up. Turns out, drupes are edible plant blooms with a fleshy exterior surrounding a hard pit or seed. There ya have it. But how is this relevant to your hair and skincare needs?

Glad you asked! Drupes are naturally nutrient-dense, high in antioxidants, plus low in harmful fats and sugars. Therefore, it just so happens that the coconut is a powerhouse of health benefits. And – by proxy – coconut oil is too.

Let’s break it down, shall we…?

Here’s what you’ll find in coconut oil:

  • Vitamin E – protects the body from free-radicals & aids in neurological function
  • Vitamin K – builds bone density/tissue elasticity & aids in blood coagulation
  • Iron – forms hemoglobin, oxygenates the blood, & aids in muscle function
  • Fiber – regulates gastrointestinal issues & aids in maintaining a healthy weight
  • Lauric Acid – treats viral infections & aids in preventing the transmission of HIV
  • Capric Acid – increases good cholesterol levels & aids in energy production
  • Caprylic Acid – treats bacterial infections & aids in lowering bad cholesterol

Yeah, but…how does this impact my beauty regimen?

  • Coconut oil keeps your hair free from lice, scalp conditions, dullness, frizz, and protein loss.
  • Coconut oil keeps your skin free from flaking, infections, pre-mature aging, and blemishes.
  • Coconut oil keeps your teeth free from calcium decay, plaque build-up, yellowing, and receding gums.
  • Coconut oil keeps your nails free from breakage, flimsiness, uneven cuticles, and fungus.

Cool beans. So, use coconut oil to…

  • shave your legs
  • remove make-up
  • moisturize dry skin
  • condition your hair
  • treat acne & scarring
  • soothe chapped lips
  • alleviate nasal allergies
  • get rid of cellulite
  • grow your hair long
  • protect skin with SPF
  • fight dandruff & split-ends
  • deep clean your pores
  • exfoliate foot callouses
  • deodorize body sweat
  • relieve bug bite itches
  • smooth frizzy fly-aways
  • heal psoriasis & eczema
  • thicken your eyebrows
  • maximize a post-tan glow
  • hide wrinkles & sagging
  • whiten up that smile
  • soften your hangnails

Now, just 1 question remains: will YOU go nutty for coconut oil?!

extra virgin coconut oil   (image courtesy of