How Playing Ping-Pong Gets Your Brain & Body Going {Infographic}

Dubbed “aerobic chess” by wellness experts across the globe, — like Dr. Amen of The Daniel Plan lifestyle initiative — we simply call it ping-pong or table tennis.

Over the past decade, research conducted on the health benefits of this popular pastime has yielded remarkable findings. Ideal for both physical and mental exertion, the sport has even been been observed to halt the progression of cognitive illnesses like Alzheimer’s. 

Ping-pong tables are also being introduced into office settings around the world — a strategy that promotes mental alertness and stimulation through movement, thus improving overall productivity.

To illustrate even more unique advantages and therapeutic values of engaging in a lively table tennis match, I’ve teamed up with the guys over at Home Leisure Direct to share this enlightening Infographic, below:

Health Benefits of Table Tennis

Shout out to Home Leisure Direct for creating the content for this post!