Spotlight on the Season…DIY Autumn Harvest Wreath

The calendar has spoken. October has arrived. And, in my little world, that means just one thing…

‘Tis the season to start crafting!

Need I say more? Exactly. So, grab a festive beverage (because…fall), tap into those creative juices and let’s Pinterest it up over here!

diy autumn harvest wreath

First Things First. Here’s What You’ll Need:

12-inch Wire Wreath Frame

25 feet of 6-inch Burlap Ribbon

Fall Accent Pieces (*see below)

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Floral Wire & Scissors

Wreath Hanger

*When choosing your accents, might I suggest…

fall accent pieces 1

fall accent pieces 2

fall accent pieces 3

all available at Hobby Lobby

With Me Still? Alrighty, Then. Time To Make It:

  1. Attach the end section of Burlap Ribbon to the most central opening of the Wreath Frame, using Floral Wire.
  2. Thread approximately 3 inches of burlap through this part of the frame, then continue threading it through the frame’s other two openings.
  3. Turn the frame over and and twist the burlap 2-3 times, then thread it back through the frame’s most central opening.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 with the frame’s additional openings until the entire wreath is covered with burlap ribbon.
  5. Cut off left-over burlap and attach its other end to the wreath frame, using floral wire (If you’re confused, I recommend watching this video tutorial before making any attempts).
    burlap ribbon

    here’s the look you’re going for

  6. Heat up the Glue Gun and, while you’re waiting, arrange the Accent Pieces in a desired pattern, leaving approximately 2 inches between every individual cluster.
  7. Glue each accent onto the burlap and push them down for 30 seconds to ensure the glue adheres.
  8. Lay the wreath on a stable surface until the glue has dried completely, then display it on your front door, using a Wreath Hanger, so the neighbors swoon with envy!
autumn harvest wreath finished product

Can you say “tres chic?!”