When Wellness Meets Wanderlust…

My latest¬†hashtag obsession is #WellnessWednesday¬†because it’s yet another excuse to bombard Instagram with Nutri Bullet concoctions, farmer’s market finds, quirky kitchen experiments, post-Pure Barre selfies, or other health and fitness snippets.

But here’s another social media trend I’ve recently discovered‚ÄĒ #WanderlustWednesday,¬†which fuels my desire to travel while aiming my fangirl energy at those Instafamous globetrotters. Million-dollar question, though: Do I admire their free spirits or hate their guts for jetting off to¬†Dubai on¬†a random workweek? #CantDecide.

Anyway (existential conumdrums aside), since it’s Wednesday, I’ve decided to combine both hashtags into one blog post. After all, with spring break and summer vacations just around the corner, “travel bug” symptoms will reach epidemic proportions. This. Is. Not. A. Drill.

Whether you’ve booked¬†a weekend beach getaway, cross-country road trip or overseas¬†adventure in¬†these upcoming months, don’t let fitness and nutrition goals take a vacay too. So, before the “bon voyage,” add my Three¬†Step Healthy Travel Checklist to your itinerary.

travel checklist

‚ąö ¬† Make smart¬†snacks accessible.¬†If you’re driving, pack a cooler with no-mess options like carrots, grapes, almonds or sunflower seeds. If you’re flying, pinpoint a natural foods market near your destination and grab some guilt-free munchies for the¬†hotel room.

‚ąö ¬† Keep physical activity on the agenda.¬†Instead of a sightseeing bus tour, enjoy¬†the local landmarks on-foot or rented bikes. Visit a National Park for¬†nature¬†excursions like hiking, kayaking or horseback riding. Even take advantage of your hotel’s fitness amenities.

‚ąö ¬† Plan for just-in-case medical care.¬†Unforeseen illnesses or injuries, not only interrupt a trip, but¬†are difficult¬†to seek treatment for when you don’t know the area. In such¬†emergencies, Amino’s Find a Doctorservice¬†connects you to¬†physicians based on your current location, insurance network and personal needs.

And for even more resources on staying healthy wherever the road takes you, check out these additional suggestions below:

Healthy Travel Tips

It’s foolproof‚ÄĒWellness + Wanderlust = WINNING!

Special thanks to Amino for supplying both the Infographic and “Find a Doctor” referral information featured in this post.