Coffee + Coconut Oil = What’s Been Missing from Your Morning

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And I’m a coffee addict.

But, like an unapologetic coffee addict. As in…I. Will. Not. Stop.

No lemon water-peddling holistic health coach is gonna shame me intoĀ quitting this black gold elixir of life. It’s my only incentive for not hitting “snooze” each morning. Thanks, coffee.Ā Just for being you.

EternalĀ devotion aside though, I amĀ cutting down on sugar and dairy, which kinda rules out my weakness for International Delight. Not gonna lie…this was a painful switcheroo. Tears were quite possibly shed. Until a certain superfood hitched a ride inĀ my grocery cart and was all, “I’m about to rock your world, Coffee Addict!”

Yup. Enter: coconut oil.

I’ve heard people in the wellness community rave about that so-called “miracle worker with 100-plus uses,” but its price tag always discouraged me from believing the hype. Then, I started noticing Instagram posts touting the benefits of this stuff in coffee. Well, I’ll try anythingĀ with the magic word involved.

So…$8.50 later, yours truly became a coconut oil convert.

And didn’t waste a second testing out that coffee claim.Ā MostĀ tutorials I found unanimously agreeā€”the secret isĀ blending. Don’t justĀ dumpĀ a glob inĀ your mug, stirĀ itĀ around, then congratulate yourself onĀ mission accomplished. Or, so the Blogosphere said. And I took note.

Out came theĀ Nutri Bullet. In went the coffee-coconut oil combo. And my taste budsĀ didĀ their happy dance. You were right, Blogosphere…that blended latte-esque textureĀ isĀ pureĀ bliss. Now this right hereĀ is theĀ black gold elixir of life.Ā Never. Going. Back.

coconut oil coffee blended

But if youĀ still need more convincing that coconut oil = the savior of coffee addicts everywhere, check out itsĀ nutritional breakdown:

  • plant-basedĀ Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) fatty acids for natural weight loss
  • ketones for improved brain function, boosted metabolism & reduced appetiteĀ 
  • lauric acid for protection against viruses & bacteria
  • no sugar, trans fat, sodium, cholesterol or carbohydrates
  • USDA certified organic & non-GMO verified ingredients

‘Nuff said. So, without further ado…taste test, anyone?

CafĆ© au LaitĀ 

(move over, milk!)


coconut oil coffee ingredient list


1 tbsp. Almond Milk (organic & unsweetened)

1/2 tbsp. Coconut Oil (organic)

2ā€“3 scoops Coffee (or 1 K-Cup)

1 tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract (organic)

1/4 tsp. Cinnamon (ground)

1ā€“2 packets Stevia (organic)*

*This ingredient is totallyĀ optionalā€”I just prefer my coffee on the non-bitter side, and Stevia gets the job done!

coconut oil and coffee


  1. Brew your desired amount of coffee, then pour into a blender.
  2. Add theĀ coconut oil, almond milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon and stevia (as needed).
  3. Blend these ingredients on “high” for 5ā€“10 seconds, or until combined.
  4. Transfer to your favorite mug (like mine from Dean & Delucaā€”clearly, I’m a sucker for New York nostalgia).
  5. Savor all that creamy, frothy, can’t-stop-won’t-stop amazingness.
coconut oil coffee

pretentious Parisian placemat…optional.