New Year. New You. New Fuel! {Product Review}

So…you might’ve noticed something different about the calendar by now.Ā Hint: the date no longer reads “2015.” (Of course, I can never get my years straight, so if you cashed a check from me recently, just scribble out that “15” part. Sorry, Mom.)

But enough about my haphazard record keeping skills. 2016 has officially taken up residence for the next 52 weeks, which — for most people — signalsĀ that dreaded New Year’s Resolution season.

Based onĀ TheĀ Journal of Clinical Psychology, aboutĀ 66% of resolution makers center their goals around fitness and nutrition. However, 73% will soon fallĀ victim to burnout.

The take-away? Don’t become another statistic.

Whether you’reĀ planning a dietary overhaul or justĀ curbing a junk food fetish,Ā Manitoba HarvestĀ has the idealĀ snack time solution. YourĀ 2016 self-improvementĀ listĀ never tasted more delectable.

Introducing (drumroll, please)…

manitoba harvest fueled by hemp

image courtesy of Manitoba Harvest

Fuel this year with the natural protein power of hemp, and healthy eating will become a no-brainer!

These conveniently portioned nibbles supportĀ your active lifestyle with nutritious fuel anytime of day. From a portable office snack to a workout energy boost to an after-dinner treat,Ā hemp heart bars offer on-the-go versatility to balance out that busy schedule.

Behold, the health benefits ofĀ each 45-gram serving…

The Breakdown:

10 grams Plant-Based Protein

10 grams Omega Fatty Acids

> 10 grams Sugar

Vegan & Non-GMO

The FlavorĀ Profile:

chocolate hemp bar flavor


240 Calories Per Bar — I’m generally not a proponent of calorie counting, but in case you wanna know,Ā there’s your answer.

Natural Ingredients — hemp hearts, organic brown rice syrup, organic coconut palm sugar, organic cocoa mass, organic dutch-process cocoa, organic chocolate flavor, pectin, organic sunflower oil, rosemary extract

My Verdict — All the buttery richness I expectĀ from a chocolate cravings crusher. No complaints from this choco-holic!

apple cinnamon hemp bar flavor


230 Calories Per Bar — Blah, blah, blah. You’ve heard my calorie counting spiel, so I’ll leave this here for curiosity’s sake.

Natural Ingredients — Ā hemp hearts, organic coconut palm sugar, dried apple, cinnamon, organic apple flavor, organic brown rice syrup, pectin, organic sunflower oil, organic caramel flavor, rosemary extract

My Verdict — I’m just not ready to kiss fall flavors goodbye,Ā and this delivers all the spicy seasonal warmth Ā of a classic apple pie. Seconds, please!

vanilla hemp bar flavor


240 Calories Per Bar — Yeah…I’ll get off my soapbox now. It’s packed with nutrients, that’s all you gottaĀ know.

Natural Ingredients —Ā hemp hearts, organic coconut palm sugar, organic brown rice syrup, organic vanilla flavor, sea salt, pectin, organic sunflower oil, rosemary extract

My Verdict — Distinctly floral and aromatic with a hint of earthiness. The consummate sweet tooth satisfier, in my taste bud’s opinion!


Wanna try this deliciousness for free? Then, enter the “Fueled By Hemp” social media photo contest! Tag #sweatpink #hempheartbar #fueledbyhemp @manitobaharvest @fitapproachĀ for a chance to win your favorite flavor.Ā The postsĀ don’t need to include Manitoba Harvest products, but of course, itā€™s fabulous if they do!

Check out the full contest details here.Ā Open to U.S. and Canada residents. Or, if you need instant hemp gratificationĀ (which…understandable!), order online using the discount codeĀ hhbarlaunch1016Ā for 15% off your purchaseĀ (Expires 3/31/2016).

manitoba harvest hemp heart bars

image courtesy of Manitoba Harvest