Entangled Earbuds Are No Longer an Excuse for Not Exercising. Sorry Not Sorry.

Scenario: It’s an average afternoon. My sneakers are all laced up. Legs stretched and limber. Workout playlist queued up on the Pandora app. I’m ready to hit the pavement while jamming out to some power Broadway ballads (Theatre geek alert!).

Off I go. See me work. See me sweat. See me —

Uhhh…Hold that thought.

See my earbud cords get tangled. Again.

*insert inward groaaan here*

Major Existential Conundrum: Why. Does. This. ALWAYS. Happen?! Smack dab in the middle of what was supposed to be a focused, driven, uninterrupted exercise session, those pesky little wires had other plans. Now, I’m saddled with the tedious [read: futile] task of untangling them, just so they can re-tangle themselves again a few minutes later.

Yup. Futile.

So, it’s either fight a losing battle with my earbuds or forego listening to Defying Gravity. Well, hello there, Catch-22. This is serious business, people!

Solution: Wait. So…like…there’s an answer to this quandary? I don’t have to choose between irritating gadgets OR sweating in silence? Tell me more!

Enter: Cordskinz.

Cordskinz info








These incredibly simple yet ingeniously effective earbud wire covers take the frustrating guesswork out of that woeful delimma — “But I just wanna enjoy some empowering showtunes while getting my beast mode on!” 

An affordable price of $9.99 will put these all worries to rest with a set of 2 20-inch skins (available in 11 stylish colors) and 1 skinner tool (for the application process). Plus, using this product is absolutely foolproof. No, for real. If you can spare 10 seconds, you can apply Cordskinz to any length earbuds.

Here’s how it’s done in 4 easy steps:

  • Place the earbud wire inside the skinner’s groove.

Cordskinz step 1





  • Hold the wire with your thumb and thread Cordskinz into the cylinder opening, with the skin’s slit side facing toward the wire.

Cordskinz step 2







  • As the skin catches onto the wire, hold it in place and pull through until the skin completely covers the wire.

Cordskinz step 3







  • Trim away the excess skin for a custom fit.

Cordskinz step 4






Voila! Perfect balance of music and physical activity restored. Exasperation eliminated.

Conclusion: Don’t be this “Me.”

Cordskinz before










Instead, follow this “Me’s” lead and make Cordskinz a just-can’t-live-without part of your workout routine. (Exaggerate? Who, moi?!)

Cordskinz after









But, seriously. Time to crank up some Idina Menzel.

Take that, tangles!

*insert happy dance here*