Sporty, Stylish & Sustainable: The PrAna Trifecta

Lately, I’ve been inspired to start dabbling in yoga after a 5-year hiatus. During college, I considered myself an avid yogi. Not a particularly skilled yogi…but consistent and dedicated nonetheless.

But once I graduated and began “adulting”—to quote my people, the oh-so-illustrious Millennials—yoga’s restorative influence was replaced by financial stressors, professional demands and household responsibilities. Sure, I still exercised like a mad woman, but gone was that calming mind-body connection I’d once achieved from yoga.   

So, here’s the goal for this spring: make yoga an integral part of my fitness regimen. Which means going back to basics. Embracing “newbie” status, relearning foundational postures, and accepting that my form is…ahem…a work-in-progress.

Despite being a clueless noob on the actual mat though, at least I can look the “rockstar yogi” part in everyday life. Thanks to PrAna anyway!

prana logo

image courtesy of

Named after a Sanskrit phrase, meaning energy force, this active lifestyle brand combines fashion and functionality to move unrestricted through various yoga sequences—while snagging a Best Dressed award in the process! Well, maybe not. But point taken, right?

PrAna recently launched its Spring 2016 collection, and not gonna lie, I’m obsessed. From figure flattering tanks to vividly patterned capris, this athleisure line is studio-to-street chic.

prana bluesign apparel 3

prana bluesign apparel 2








prana bluesign apparel 1

Each garment features stretch compression for maximum flexibility, moisture wicking for decreased perspiration, and bluesign verified textiles for eco-friendly design. PrAna takes environmental consciousness super seriously—in fact, all products are made with these sustainable materials:

Plus, even if yoga isn’t exactly your forte, you’ll look legit regardless! Proof’s in the pictures (I guess that’s debatable, but let’s just go with my not-so-humble opinion)…

prana yoga pose 1

prana yoga pose 2






prana yoga pose 3

prana yoga pose 4










Since I’m a PrAna fan—and clearly think you should be too—enjoy this discount code for 15% off your next order: PSS16HBAH.

So, happy yoga-ing (or whatever the correct Sanskrit expression is). Namaste maybe…?


Fashion Forward Fitness that won’t Break the Bank? Yes, Please!

Over these past couple months, I’ve become newly — and borderline madly — devoted to the fabulousness that is Pure Barre.  In fact, it’s kinda my thing now.


I catch myself hashtagging #LiftToneBurn all over Instagram.

I practice the fine art of “hip-tucking” randomly throughout the day.

I’m suddenly hyper-aware of how tiny, isometric movements can transform an entire physique.

Oh, and I’m .5 impulse purchases away from slapping a pretentious PB decal onto my car.

pure barre tuck

image courtesy of Pinterest

However, — despite feeling like a grade-A champ during this whole sweaty…sore…glorious ordeal — I just have 1 complaint: the dress code.

My typical workout wardrobe doesn’t pass the Pure Barre test since nothing above calf-length can be worn inside the studio. Which, dear reader, presents an ethical delimma.

As a girl who literally lives in Nike shorts, my stockpile of PB-appropriate attire is rather limited. But, hey, if you were surrounded by year-round humidity, — umm…thanks, Sunshine State? — you’d live in Nike shorts too!

So, I’ve got 2 options. Either drop a small fortune on legit Pure Barre apparel (starting at $90. YIKES!), or start looking for a fashionable and functional alternative, sans the price tag.

Yeaaaah. Guess which route I chose.

Affordable doesn’t mean skimping on style though, and that’s where RBX Active comes into play. This athletic wear label combines cutting-edge quality and durability with the same sporty chicness you’d expect from more expensive brands.

For only $29.99, RBX enables me to kick ass on the barre while staying within those all-important “dress code” boundaries. *Phew*

I’m particularly loving their Digital-Camo Collection: a new line of capri leggings, featuring abstract patterns, vibrant colors — including Green, Orange, Pink and Purple — and a figure flattering fit.


RBX Capris 5

Digital-Camo capris in Military Gray

Visual appeal, check. Now, let’s take a closer peek…

  • Sweat-wicking material pulls moisture from the skin to keep you dry even during high-intensity exercise. 
  • Four-way stretch comfort provides all-over flexibility to maintain the pants’ elastic shape over time.
  • Flat-lock stitched seaming creates a smooth, streamlined effect and eliminates awkward chafing.
  • Fade-resistant colors remain bold, bright and eye-catching despite frequent usage or multiple washes. 

Active performance has never looked so fierce, felt so comfy or moved so freely, while satisfying your wallet too!

Pure Barre delimma. Solved.

RBX Capris 2

Killin’ it in the style department. Thanks, RBX!

RBX Capris 6

Oh, you know… just goofing around with the twinster without breaking a sweat!

To celebrate RBX’s recently launched product line, you can score 25% off any Digital-Camo capris through 7/31/15. To take advantage of this discount, enter the promo code Active25 online at check-out. Free shipping will also be added for purchases exceeding $50 after the coupon reduction.

Entangled Earbuds Are No Longer an Excuse for Not Exercising. Sorry Not Sorry.

Scenario: It’s an average afternoon. My sneakers are all laced up. Legs stretched and limber. Workout playlist queued up on the Pandora app. I’m ready to hit the pavement while jamming out to some power Broadway ballads (Theatre geek alert!).

Off I go. See me work. See me sweat. See me —

Uhhh…Hold that thought.

See my earbud cords get tangled. Again.

*insert inward groaaan here*

Major Existential Conundrum: Why. Does. This. ALWAYS. Happen?! Smack dab in the middle of what was supposed to be a focused, driven, uninterrupted exercise session, those pesky little wires had other plans. Now, I’m saddled with the tedious [read: futile] task of untangling them, just so they can re-tangle themselves again a few minutes later.

Yup. Futile.

So, it’s either fight a losing battle with my earbuds or forego listening to Defying Gravity. Well, hello there, Catch-22. This is serious business, people!

Solution: Wait. So…like…there’s an answer to this quandary? I don’t have to choose between irritating gadgets OR sweating in silence? Tell me more!

Enter: Cordskinz.

Cordskinz info








These incredibly simple yet ingeniously effective earbud wire covers take the frustrating guesswork out of that woeful delimma — “But I just wanna enjoy some empowering showtunes while getting my beast mode on!” 

An affordable price of $9.99 will put these all worries to rest with a set of 2 20-inch skins (available in 11 stylish colors) and 1 skinner tool (for the application process). Plus, using this product is absolutely foolproof. No, for real. If you can spare 10 seconds, you can apply Cordskinz to any length earbuds.

Here’s how it’s done in 4 easy steps:

  • Place the earbud wire inside the skinner’s groove.

Cordskinz step 1





  • Hold the wire with your thumb and thread Cordskinz into the cylinder opening, with the skin’s slit side facing toward the wire.

Cordskinz step 2







  • As the skin catches onto the wire, hold it in place and pull through until the skin completely covers the wire.

Cordskinz step 3







  • Trim away the excess skin for a custom fit.

Cordskinz step 4






Voila! Perfect balance of music and physical activity restored. Exasperation eliminated.

Conclusion: Don’t be this “Me.”

Cordskinz before










Instead, follow this “Me’s” lead and make Cordskinz a just-can’t-live-without part of your workout routine. (Exaggerate? Who, moi?!)

Cordskinz after









But, seriously. Time to crank up some Idina Menzel.

Take that, tangles!

*insert happy dance here*

Kushyfoot: a Sporty Girl’s Solution to Overworked Feet

“We’re always designing unique products to assure that Kushyfoot comfort is available for every shoe, leg wear and fashion need. We think our fans and new enthusiasts of the brand will agree we’ve come up with innovative styles that are very much on-trend. Smart leg wear options, with all the benefits of of Kushyfoot technology, are debuting and will be available along with our best-selling classics.”  — Mitch Brown, Kushyfoot President (on the company’s Fall-Winter 2014-2015 line)

Kushyfoot Socks

If you’ve been following this blog over the past several months, you’ve probably noticed that I’m in the process of integrating yoga into my regular exercise routine. In fact, this goal ranks Numero Uno on my New Year’s Resolution list. And, while becoming a dedicated yogi isn’t exactly an overnight transformation, looking suitably “sporty chic” on my yoga mat does ease the process along.

That’s why I swear by Kushyfoot brand. I first discovered this line of footwear about a month ago, and since then, no yoga session — or workout, in general, for that matter — has felt complete without these socks.  They’re functional, breathable, non-restrictive and — yes! — fashionable,  which are the primary selling-points I look for in active wear.  Plus, my 10 little toes appreciate all that cozy comfort!

Kushyfoot offers more than just socks, though. Fitness fanatics and fashionistas alike can confidently rock figure-friendly shaping tights, snuggle up in leopard-print velour slippers, and add pizzazz to any outfit with Flats-to-Go®.

Not only are these products essential additions to any trendy athlete’s wardrobe, they’re also uber affordable. You’ll never pay a cent over $30, and most items cash in at $9.99! Sold yet? Uh huh.

But, while I definitely encourage you to peruse the website’s wide selection of must-have “leg candy,” for the purposes of this blog post, I’ll just focus on Kushyfoot socks.

Because. I. Love. Them.

And, let’s be clear: these ain’t your grandma’s mismatched pair of old, smelly Haines.  

Kushyfoot sells several distinct sock styles, and my feet give them all “10 Toes-Up!” But don’t just take my word alone. Go on, click the following links and have a closer look…

  • Foot Covers: $11.97 — 3 pairs OR $23.97 — 6 pairs; Available in various stylish patterns (e.g. pinstripe, polka dot) and materials (e.g. cotton, lace)

Kushyfoot Foot Covers

  • Yoga Socks: $17.97 — 3 pairs; Features a snug fit, open-toe ventilation and no-slip sole grip, ideal for balance and stability exercises

  • Athletic Socks: $23.97 — 9 pairs; Designed with built-in padding for maximum cushion and support, during both workouts and daily life

Kushyfoot Athletic Socks

Soooo, thinking you should snag some for yourself right about now???

Hmm…I like the way you think!

*Special thanks to Lipton Publicity and, of course, Kushyfoot for sharing these products with me.*

My Top 5 Picks for any Fitness Fanatic’s Holiday Run List

If you’re among those brave souls, who refuse to let frigid temperatures stand between you and staying in shape, here’s a golf clap. I applaud that dedication!

But — sigh! — I can’t sit with you.

Partly, because I don’t wear pink on Wednesdays. But, mostly, because my body and winter weather don’t get along.

In my defense, I’ve spent most of my life in the sub-tropics, so anything below 60-degrees sends me running for a hoodie. If I faced the same conditions  that Northerners (Or, anyone above the Florida-Georgia line, really. Yep, I’m that warm blooded!) deal with on a daily basis, then outdoor workouts could just kiss my booty goodbye until spring.

Fortunately, in my stomping grounds, exercising throughout winter months requires leggings and long sleeves at the most. If you live in a colder climate, though, you’re probably laughing at me right about now. As you should. Your badassery puts my year-round flip-flopped feet to shame.

But, before heading outside to conquer the elements this season, better make sure you’re equipped for combat, right?


(Or, so I’ve heard. I’m still new at this “brrrrr!” stuff).

The following #HolidayRunList will help you accomplish just that. Although it’s specifically tailored toward runners, fitness enthusiasts of every activity level can also get in on the action.  Below, I’ve featured my favorite winter-ready workout gear — which I may or may not sport in 60-degree temps — that will keep you moving despite Jack Frost nipping at your nose. See what I did there?!

Whether you’re a hardcore marathoner or casual jogger, these seasonal must haves are perfect for running in a winter wonderland. Plus, they make snazzy gifts and stocking stuffers, so you might wanna include them in that letter to Santa. Or, just #TreatYoself.

Since you managed to avoid the Naughty List, and all.

Anyway, without further ado…

My #HolidayRunList (in no particular order):

  1.  Nike Lightweight Tech Gloves ($14.97) — These gloves are made from patented Dri-Fit material to keep your hands cozy, without building up sweat. Added Bonus: the fingertips are touch-screen compatible, so you can easily track your distance, check the time, or crank up your running playlist on a mobile device.
  2. Lululemon Run With Me Ear Warmer ($26.00) —  This ear warmer fits snugly against your skin, with a comfortable 4-way stretch to prevent chafing. Added Bonus: both sides are reversible and provide 360-degree reflectivity, so you can stay stylish, visible, and safe when clocking some miles after dark.
  3. ASICS Lite-Show Favorite Pullover ($60.00) — This pullover top is figure flattering and brightly colored to keep you feeling confident, while working those muscles. Added Bonus: the fabric is climate-controlled to increase breathability and help your body adapt to unpredictable weather patterns.
  4. Fabletics Salar Capri ($39.95) — These capri pants provide a full range-of-motion with smooth, stretchy material that wicks moisture, while warming your legs from the inside out. Added Bonus: eye-catching designs, such as chevron, make these bottoms a sure-bet for effortless street-style, as well.
  5. ProCompression Calf Sleeves ($45.00) — Now for the main attraction! These calf sleeves have recently become my go-to workout accessories. Ideal for a wide range of physical activities, they’re made with graduated compression technology that optimizes blood circulation and oxygenation, supports lower leg muscles and tendons, and prevents stiffness and inflammation. Plus, they’re available in various colors and prints for extra cuteness on Race Day. Read all about the amazing benefits of your new “exercise bestie” — and snag a pair for yourself — on ProCompression’s website. Then, enter the code PINK2 at check-out for a 40% discount (valid until December 15, 2014)!

And, just for kicks, here’s yours truly rocking my ProCompression Calf Sleeves in the pseudo-winter Sunshine State…

ProCompression Calf Sleeves

when they first arrived in the mail

ProCompression Calf Sleeves Resting

they’re not only functional, but fashion-forward too!

ProCompression Calf Sleeves Running

out for a test run…final verdict: 2 thumbs up!!! 

Now, what are you waiting for? Hit the pavement this season without a case of those cha-cha-cha-chills slowing you down.

Sexy at Any Size: How to Dress for YOUR Body Type

A woman’s unique physique goes way beyond tall or petite, thin or curvy. Each of us falls under a specific category, based on our most dominant physical characteristics. But here’s the good news…EVERY body is beautiful.

Yep, you heard me.

All of ’em. Across the board.

But suppose you just don’t feel beautiful in your own skin, despite what I – or anyone else – might say to the contrary? Well, that’s where fashion comes into play! Uh huh. No matter the figure, there’s an article of clothing specifically stitched to flatter it. And choosing the right fit and style might just nudge you toward self-acceptance.

‘Cause when an outfit looks like it was tailor-made for Y-O-U, that sensation of damn, I look good!” radiates outward.

Sure, external beauty is only surface-deep…but sometimes it can do wonders for internal confidence. So, if you’re lacking some lovin’ for that lovely shape, simply follow this guide for dressing to accentuate what you can tolerate, while downplaying what makes you feel self-conscious.

These are my personal suggestions. And they’re yours for the taking!

If you have a slender build…

slender body type(image courtesy of

  • Some Key Features:
  1. small frame/fine bones
  2. naturally low body fat
  3. narrow shoulders
  4. small chest/butt
  5. lightly muscled
  • Flattering Outfit Options:
  1. high frilly necklines
  2. fluted/peplum detailing
  3. bright color-blocking
  4. layered separates
  5. boot-leg trousers
  6. pleated skirts/dresses
  7. trapeze-style jackets

If you have an athletic build…

athletic body type(image courtesy of

  • Some Key Features:
  1. medium-sized bones
  2. evenly-distributed body fat
  3. broad/square shoulders
  4. small chest/rounded butt
  5. naturally long, lean, muscular
  • Flattering Outfit Options:
  1. halter necklines
  2. bold geometric patterns
  3. breast pockets/ruffles
  4. flowy blouses
  5. thin shoulder straps
  6. tulip-shaped skirts
  7. streamlined maxi-dresses

If you have an hourglass build…

hourglass body type      (image courtesy of

  • Some Key Features:
  1. medium-sized bones
  2. evenly-distributed body fat
  3. balanced chest and hip sizes
  4. defined waistline
  5. naturally curvaceous
  • Flattering Outfit Options:
  1. v-necklines
  2. wraparound waists
  3. solid dark colors
  4. close-fitting seams
  5. a-line skirts
  6. floor-length dresses
  7. single-breasted jackets

If you have a triangle build…

triangle body type(image courtesy of

  • Key Features:
  1. medium/large bones
  2. average/high body fat
  3. narrow shoulders
  4. proportionally small chest
  5. full waistline, hips, butt
  • Flattering Outfit Options:
  1. sweetheart necklines
  2. draped fabric
  3. contoured panel seams
  4. short cap sleeves
  5. wide-legged trousers
  6. empire-waist blouses
  7. patterned tops/solid bottoms

If you have a rectangle build…

rectangle body type(image courtesy of

  • Some Key Features:
  1. medium/large bones
  2. average/high body fat
  3. balanced chest and hip sizes
  4. undefined waistline
  5. lightly muscled
  • Flattering Outfit Options:
  1. scooped boat necklines
  2. vertical/chevron stripes
  3. split-waist kaftans
  4. sheath dresses
  5. wide-belted jackets
  6. low-rise paneled bottoms
  7. black/charcoal gray

If you have an inverted-triangle build…

inverted triangle body type(image courtesy of

  • Key Features:
  1. small/medium-sized bones
  2. high body fat in upper torso
  3. proportionally large chest
  4. broad/square shoulders
  5. narrow hips/thighs
  • Flattering Outfit Options:
  1. cinched/ruched waists
  2. strapless tops/dresses
  3. solid colors on top
  4. above-the-knee skirts
  5. hip-line embellishments
  6. voluminous bottoms
  7. skinny jeans

See? It’s not rocket-science. Just good shopper-sense.

(And a side affect from years of reading Vogue.)

How Dressing Like You Work Out Can Motivate You to Really Work Out

In an effort to fend off a recent writer’s block attack, I asked my sister for some blog post suggestions today, and she immediately quipped: “Your blog’s about fitness, right? You know, I could use a new fitness wardrobe. If I had more exercise clothes, I’d probably exercise all the time. Hey…write about that!”

(Can you tell she works in fashion? No matter the conversation topic, that girl will find any excuse to mention clothes!)

But her idea, nonetheless, struck me as thought-provoking. Does the way people dress impact their level of physical exertion? Just like slipping into a “little black dress” and strappy heels often helps you exude confidence on date night, can Nike gym shorts and a tank with some #Fitspo phrase screen-printed across the chest put you in the mood to sweat? Is getting in shape as simple as getting your “shopper girl” on at Victoria’s Secret?

I took to Google in pursuit of some evidence to support my sister’s theory…

And turns out, it’s entirely plausible.

Women’s Health Magazine published an article on this topic back in 2013 (yeah whatever, so I’m a year behind the curve!), citing a “psychological phenomenon called ‘enclothed cognition,’ which suggests that the clothing a person wears can trigger mental changes that positively affect their performance.”

Basically, the overarching idea is this: if you throw on activewear, you’re more likely to engage in something active. Lacing up sneakers might get you in the jogging mindset. A comfy pair of yoga pants might prompt you to unearth that mat from your closet depths. Even a sports bra might make you feel…well, sporty.

You get the picture.

Look the part. Act the part.

So, why let professional athletes with their Under Armour endorsements or celebs with their fancy-schmancy Lululemon labels have all the fun?! Snag some workout gear-inspired fitspiration for yourself. A few staple items added to your wardrobe may be the kicker that moves you beyond imagining a healthier, stronger, leaner, [insert goal] physique toward actually making it happen.

And there’s no reason to spend a small fortune either. Check out my top 5 picks for athletic apparel on a budget:

  • Fabletics – For all you online shopping fans, this site features designer-quality activewear for an average price of $25-$30.
  • Target – The bulls-eye is trendier than Sears and cheaper than Saks (uhh…duh!), so stock up on activewear starting at $10.
  • H&M – Sweden has answered our call for affordable cutting-edge fashion, and their activewear ranges from under $10-$50.
  • Nordstrom Rack – Those with pricier taste can find name brand activewear (e.g. Nike, The North Face, Zella) starting at $30.
  • Forever 21 – This store is known for low-cost-hot-ticket items, and the activewear doesn’t disappoint with a tag of $10-$20.

Further proof that attitude is all in the outfit…just look at my sista go!

2014-08-13 21.38.46  2014-08-13 21.41.06  2014-08-13 21.42.47  2014-08-13 21.44.02